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Today, we would like to invite you to Shimabara – a beautiful city located in Japan and suggest 10 top tourist attractions in here.


  1. Yusui Garden Shimeisou


Peaceful view from the beautiful pond


Yusui Garden is famous in the spring in Shimabara, with the beautiful scenery of the garden and spring water. Thanks to well-maintained facilities in here, we can be able to enjoy the Japanese garden all year around. Besides, it is free of charge so everyone could enter this place. It’s the reason why this place is ranked #1 Top tourist attractions in Shimabara.


  1. Unzendake Fatality Memorial Hall


Outlook of Unzendake Fatality Memorial Hall


This history museum in Shimabara can bring you a real experience of natural disasters with powerful eruption theater which its temperature is changeable. With the strong support of the friendly staffs, you can expand your own knowledge.


  1. Shimabara Castle


The majestic Shimabara Castle


Kids can dress up as samurai with toy weapons for them to play and of course it’s free. Divided into many floors with a lot of interesting displays, you can have a whole new different experience about Japanese artifacts and their ways of daily life. So don’t miss this place when you are in Shimabara.

  1. Samurai Houses


One piece of an impressive Samurai house in town


This town itself is worth visiting in Shimabara since they preserved and maintained almost all the Samurai houses for visitors can know about their life before. Visitors can wander along suburban streets to enjoy the samurai exhibits located in between.


  1. Shimabara Castle Town


A peaceful street at Castle town


With modern reconstruction but still keep antique artifacts and relics will gave the visitors a nice atmosphere in Castle town in Shimabara. Also, Handmade Kewpie doll that sells in the photo studio is also recommended for the souvenir.


  1. Shimabara Church


Statue of Ignatius inner moat at the entrance


Here notable building with the relief of the chancel of the wall, the river and the rosary as a symbol of life has been expressed. This church is stunning with strained  glass with the beautiful garden which is worth mentioning place in Shimabara.


  1. Shimabara Sanshine Shopping Arcade


Inside Shimabara Sanshine Shopping Arcade


From Shipmatesz bus center about a 10-minute walk away, there was a nostalgic atmosphere from Shimabara Sanshine Shopping Arcade where you can find all what you need and buy some unique souvenir  for your friends and family.


  1. Shimabaraonsen Yutoroginoyu


Address: 171-3 Horimachi, Shimabara 855-0805 , Nagasaki Prefecture


#8 top tourist attractions in Shimabara located on the shopping street along the arcade of Shimabara, you should to take a spa day in here. There is no open-air bath, but you can enjoy the Shimabara Onsen and a great footbath space.


  1. Shimabara Spring Group


Clear and drinkable spring water


In here, you can experience delicious “Kanzarashi making”. Also, there are a lot of spring water in Shimabara, the water is clean that is drinkable. You can drink also hot spring water for therapeutic effect.

  1. Shimabara City Sports Park


Local people wearing a soccer Japan – Samurai Blue uniforms


A truly sports park with beautiful view will bring an excited atmosphere. In addition, soccer field have been newly developed, with lush artificial turf which is very beautiful.



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