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Today, “10 TOP TOURIST ATTRACTIONS” will bring you to Sasebo – a city located in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. With wide range of stunning destinations, we will suggest some attractive spots in Sasebo.


  1. Kujuku Island


A beautiful island in Kujuku Island


Amazing and magical place in Sasebo with awesome view of all the little islands. Along with gentle breezes, a stunning natural scene to refresh your mind. So what are you waiting for?


  1. Kujukushima Aquarium Umikirara


Sparkling jellyfish in Kujukushima Aquarium


This #2 Top tourist attraction in Sasebo will bring you to one of the most beautiful Aquarium where you and your family can enjoy since they have kid room with some dolphin’s shows that your children can have fun. Don’t forget come the jellyfish area. One area has some wonderful music where you can listen and watch the jellyfish shinning in the dark.


  1. Ishidake Observatory


Sunset in Kujuku Island which you can enjoy on the top of the Ishidake Observatory


At the observatory, visitors can see the marvelous panorama of Kujuku island which is very stunning and worth every minutes. That’s why this place is ranked #3 Top tourist attraction in Sasebo.


  1. Miuracho Catholic Church


Outside the Miuracho Catholic Church


Welcome to the Miuracho Catholic Church which will be a very spiritual experience for you in Sasebo. Outside the walls of the church to one side is a Grotto with Our Lady and Bernadette statues and stunning flowers.


  1. Nagushiyama Park


Colorful azalea in Nagushiyama Park


If you are interested in nature or just want to take some stunning pictures, so this place will fulfill all you need. Interestingly,  azalea in red, pink and green here will bring you an awesome experience. Don’t forget this place when you are in Sasebo.


  1. Kujukushima Zoological and Botanical Garden Morikirara


An huge elephant in Kujukushima

Although Kujukushima zoo is a small zoo in Sasebo and have not varieties of animals, it’s sure to capture anyone’s imagination and perfectly fitted for children which is able them to raise their awareness in many attractions of the animal world.


  1. Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort


The Pearl Queen will take you on an hour trip


The coast line in this area of Sasebo has hundreds of small islands. Don’t miss the Pearl Queen with varieties of exhibits about the surrounding water. This place is where you can have sense of balance yourself.


  1. Maritime Self-Defense Force Sasebo Museum


Outlook of Maritime Self-Defense Force Sasebo Museum

It is a reminder that every nation has its war heroes and pride in war-time. This 7-floor-museum provide a number of exhibits which you can learn the history and the bitter of the war.


  1. Kozakibana Park


Visitors can enjoy seeing the beautiful sea from the mainland


This place is not so widely, but the monument in the park is still perfect for commemorative photo. Since there is the mainland the westernmost of the monument, it is beautiful even looking at the sea from there.


  1. Umegae Sake Brewery


Umegae Sake Brewery’s architecture followed Edo’s style


When you enter the front door, you can see the style of architecture of the Edo era. You can freely enjoy the testers of all their sakes such as sweet sake and sochu. It’s worth visiting when you are in Sasebo.




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