10 top tourist attractions in Gujo.

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Gujo is a city located in Gifu Prefecture. This city is famous for many natural sites and beautiful places. If you are a tourist who loves to discover new lands, you can’t miss these 10 top tourist attractions in Gujo.

  1. Gujo Hachiman Old Streets


(Gujo Hachiman Old Streets)

These old streets are lining peacefully in Gujo Hachiman. Tourists can encounter the clear and beautiful waters running through this town. The houses in these old streets are designed in special and ancient architecture so it would be a great experience to walk around and enjoy. Especially, if you come here in summer, you can also enjoy the Odori dance performed by local residents.

  1. Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan City Museum

Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan City Museum is a famous museum located in Gujo city. This museum is the home of many collections relating to the history and water system of the city. Besides, tourists can also encounter many well- known craft items made by talented artists. Especially, it also offers you a great chance to enjoy some festival dances performed regularly inside the museum.

  1. Rakugeikan Medical Museum


(Rakugeikan Medical Museum)

In the first years of 20th century, Rakugeikan building was built as a hospital for local people. Nowadays, it turns to be a medical museum and becomes a popular destination for tourists to visit. In the museum, many objects and instruments relating to medicine and hospital are displayed. It is a good chance for tourists who love to know more about this field.

  1. Saito Museum

As you know, Japan is very famous for tea and if you want to discover different kinds of delicious tea in Japan, you shouldn’t miss Saito Museum. Inside this museum, a large collection of tea artifacts is displayed. It is a great chance to widen your knowledge about tea culture of this country. Besides, there are also some kinds of coffee that you can buy with cheap prices.

  1. Yudokan Museum


(Yudokan Museum)

Yudokan museum was built to keep famous works of Masao Mizuno who was a talented artist of Gujo. The museum is the home of different items ranging from paintings, papers and wood carvings of Masao. A trip to Yudokan museum would be a great experience for tourists who love art in general and Masao artist in particular.

  1. Omodakaya Local History Museum

This museum was built with the aim of keeping displays created by Ryujin Mizuno. He has many paintings and drawings that are very famous in art field. Especially, he also spent much of his lifetime drawing paintings of Koi. You can have chance to enjoy these beautiful art works and know more about the life and career of this talented artist.

  1. Sogisui Source

Sogisui source is a source belonging to the water system of Gujo city. This pool includes four sections with different aims of usage. The drinking water comes from the first section, the second section is used to wash rice, vegetables are washed in the third one and the last one is for washing tools. The Sogisui Source attracts tourists with its special design.

  1. Yanaka Lane


(Yanaka Lane)

Yanaka Lane is a small canal which flow quietly through the center of the town. It is located between Omodakaya museum and Saito so it offers tourists a good chance to go for a walk through the place. Yanaka Lane has clean and clear water with a lot of Koi swimming inside which brings about the peaceful atmosphere for tourists.

  1. Mingei Museum

Mingei museum is the home of many private artifact collections relating to Edo Period. In this museum, you can encounter the weapons that Japanese samurai used, and the instruments belonging to the grandfather of the museum owner. Although it is not as big as other famous museums, you still have much new experience when visiting this museum.

  1. Anyoji Temple


(Anyoji Temple)

Anyoji Temple is a large building where many important artifacts relating to this temple are preserved. Tousits can see the special traditional architecture of this temple with a lot of big pillars. It is an ideal place for not only praying but also sightseeing. You can enjoy the peaceful and fresh atmosphere of the temple.

Thanks for many famous and exciting destinations, Gujo city attracts a large number of tourists coming here every event or holidays. You can find 10 top tourist attractions in Gujo in the list mentioned above.



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