10 top tourist attractions in Toki

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Toki is a city located on Honshu Island, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Toki is considered one of the largest cities for producing pottery in Japan, and it is also a hot spot for national tourists. If you are looking for famous destinations in Toki, the list of 10 top tourist attractions in Toki mentioned bellow might give you some clues.

  1. Road Station Tokiminoyaki- Highway Donburi Bowl Hall


(RoadStation Tokiminoyaki- Highway Donburi Bowl Hall)

It is not only a national station, but also a famous hall of the bowl Festival which is held every autumn. In this hall, tourists can see the display of many kinds of bowls and other pottery items which ranges from the daily used ones to rare ones. The special feature of this destination is that the pottery is not only used for displaying, at the middle of the festival, if you are interested in any item, you can go to buy it with reasonable price.

  1. Toki Premium Outlets

Toki Premium Outlets is a wide range of famous destinations for shopping and visiting in Toki. As a result, it has been a popular tourist attraction for many people who love shopping. You can find the stores of many well- known brands like Lacoste and Ceocodile. The number of store is also increasing to meet with the demands of many tourists. There is also a Golden Week Sale to welcome their guests.

  1. Oribe Hills


(Obire Hills)

Obire Hills includes a range of pottery shops and other ones. Tourists can find some popular one to go sight- seeing because you can encounter many kinds of potteries and items made from pottery in this place. Besides pottery items, tourists can also find other things like interior accessories, soap and bath salts.  Especially, every year on the very first days of May, the “Toki Mino Festival” will be held so that you can enjoy real pottery galleries and buy some favorite items with cheap prices.

  1. Sogi Park


(Sogi Park)

Sogi Park becomes a popular destination for many tourists thanks for its beautiful view of fall foliage. In day time, you can go around the park to enjoy the unique scenery when the park is covered with red and yellow leaves and take part in some outdoor activities besides go sightseeing. However, this park is the most attractive at night time, the landscape becomes more special when the lights are turned on which makes the atmosphere more romantic and beautiful.

  1. Toshi no Mori

It might take you about 20 minutes to reach Toshi no Mori from the Toki Premium Outlets by car. Tshi no Mori is a beautiful national park which is located along the river. Tourists can see the wonderful scenery right at the entrance leading to the park. It would be the most wonderful if you visit this destination with your friends and family member. While sightseeing, you can enjoy the outdoor BBQ party in the riverside with available facilities in the park. Especially, your children will fall in love with this park quickly because they will have chance to visit the goat farms, rabbit hutch and peacock breeding house.

  1. Toki City Mino- Ware Traditional Industrial Hall

Toki City Mino- Ware Traditional Industrial Hall is a famous art museum in which many kinds of ceramics are displayed. You can encounter the collections of many Mino ware bowls, cups and dishes. An outlet article can also be easily found here so it can meet the demands of learning about ceramics of pottery lovers. Many kind of products are also on sale so you can find some beautiful one to buy for your relative at cheap prices. A trip to this place will satisfy your desire of knowing more about Japanese pottery.

  1. Road Station Shino- Oribe

Road Station Shino- Oribe is an ideal place for sightseeing and shopping. You can find many pottery shops where different pottery items made by local people are displayed and sold with reasonable prices. You can also have a seat at a café; enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake while looking at the world outside the café. Visiting the vessel shops to find some suitable items is also a great experience that you should try. Many tourists also love going to the market to buy some fresh local vegetables.

  1. Toki City Historical Museum of Mino Ceramics


(Toki City Historical Museum of Mino Ceramics)

Like its name, Toki City Historical Museum of Mino Ceramics is the destination that tourists can encounter a huge collection of Mino Ceramics and pottery items. All the ceramics are brought here from different places and different periods. Visiting the museum, you can deepen your understandings about Mino ceramics of Japan and also some cultural values of this country.

  1. Oribenosato Park

Oribenosato Park is a natural park in Toki which attracts a lot of tourists coming here every year. They visit this park with the aim of looking for a peaceful place with beautiful scenery to relax after hard- working days. There is long hiking trail for tourists who love climbing, and campsite for you and your family member go camping. Besides, you can also enjoy the delicious outdoor BBQ in this park

  1. Niibo Toki Forest Park and Toki Exhibition


(Niibo Toki Forest Park and Toki Exhibition)

Niibo Toki Forest Park is the home where many things relating to Toki are displayed. You can see the real video about the life of the Toki. You can understand about the habitat of this important and protected bird. The hatching process, skeletons and eggs of Toki can be found easily in the park. A trip to this park will offer useful lessons to you and your children, so that you can understand the importance of this kind of bird to human beings.

A trip to Tiko will bring about not only fun, but also knowledge to you and your friend and relatives so check out these 10 top tourist attractions in Toki to find out your favorite ones.



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