Famous shrines and temples in Osaka

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Osaka – a famous city of Japan has been well-known for its variety of temples and shrines many of which are designated by UNESCO as World Heritage. Osaka temples and shrines have widely reputation for wonderful view and impressive architect as well as long -lasting tradition. Within 223km2, there are more than 10 ancient and sacred temples, shrines  that also act as tourist attractions in Osaka. Let’s together explore 7 most celebrated temples in Osaka.


1. Shitennoji Temple 

This is ranked as the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan. Founded in 593, the temple has stood over centuries and witnessed all the ups and downs of Japan. Shitennoji Temple is believed to be the home of 4 kings who play key parts in the development of Japan. Therefore, the ground of Shitennoji is devided into 4 parts corresponding to 4 kings which includes a Kyōden-in (Institution of Religion and Education), a Hiden-in (welfare Institution), a Ryōbyō-in(hospital), and a Seiyaku-in (pharmacy). This temple is also one of the most tourist attractions in Osaka which attract thousands of visitors each year.


2. Sumiyoshitaisha Shrine

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Sumiyoshitaisha Shrine was founded in 211 and became one of the main shrines of all the Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan. When referring to Sumiyashitaisha, all tourists will remember its impressive entrance with the prominent beautiful arched bridge which is considered as the most striking feature of Sumiyoshita Shrine. What’s more, the further visitors go into the shrine ground, the more impressed they are by the wonderful purely Japanese architecture. Sumiyoshitaisha Shrine has been designated as national treasure of Japan. On Lunar New year, a large number of tourists come to this beautiful shrine to pray for a successful and happy new year making this one of the most places of interest in Osaka.

3. Hozenji Temple5000917986_11e538baef_z

Hozenji is a small temple founded in 1937 that is dedicated to one of the five Wisdom Kings who guard Buddhism. Located in a narrow path along with many restaurants, small shops and cafes, this temple brings tourists feelings of cozy, quiet and peaceful. This is not a tourist attraction like many other temples and shrines in Osaka, however, it is still a sacred place which many buddhists from all over the world come to show their respect to the Buddha. If you have chance to reach Hozenji temple and stand under the light of lanterns, it’s time for you temporarily forget about your busy life outside and enjoy the peace in your mind.

4. Isshinji Temple

Founded in 1185, Isshinji is also known as ” the temple of Buddha Statues Made of Dead People’s Bones”. This is well-known as the home of prominent Japanese Buddhists. Inside the temple, there are many statues made from the ashes of thousands of people which are all recognized as national treasures. Besides, what can also catches your attention is the entrance of the temple. It is a striking architect that you would want to visit on your holiday to Osaka.


5. Osaka Tenmangu Shrine

This is one of the first Shrine in Japan which was founded in AD 949. Every year, one of 3 top Japanese festivals is celebrated here which attracts thousands of visitors almost all of which are local people coming to this wonderful shrine. Osaka Tenmangu Shrine is a popular place for scholars. It is widely believed that before they have an exam, if they come to Tenmangu and pray, they will finally have the academic success. This also explains why Osaka Tenmangu Shrine is one of places of interest in Osaka.


6. Ryuanji Temple

Located in Mino, Osaka, Ryuanji Temple is also a worthwhile place to visit when you come to Osaka. Founded in 658 AD, it was once called Mino Temple – one of the oldest Buddhist temple in Osaka. There is a widely belief that nowaday lottery has its origin from this place which might date back to more than 400 years ago. What may also catches your attention in Ryuanji Temple is its principal image of the deities of Cetaka and Sarasvati carved under the waterfall. If you have chance in Osaka, taking a visit to this wonderful temple is a great idea.


7. Katsuragi Shrine


Hokoku Shrine was established in 1879 as a part of Osaka Castle Park which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Osaka nowadays. Hkoku Shrine was believed to workship the gods of success and luck, therefore, the shrine was very popular with local people who usually come and pray for a better life. Since the tourism was developed in Osaka, more and more tourists from all over the world have come to Hokoku Shrine to pray for success and prosperity in their own life. That makes the shrine more and more popular and become one of many places of interest in Osaka.

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