5 top famous amusement parks in Japan

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Japan is well-known worldwide for its both historical and modern beauty. Coming to Japan, tourists will have chance not only to visit a variety of ancient and sacred temples, shrines and castles but also to enjoy various amazing kinds of entertainment in many amusement parks located here. Inside each cities of Japan, there will be at least 1 amusement park which also acts as one of the top tourist attractions. Now, we will together explore which are 5 top famous amusement parks in Japan.


1. Tokyo Disneyland

This is ranked the most famous amusement park in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo Disneyland is a striking construction which simulates the structure of Califronia Disneyland in full. With the same style, like Disneyland in California, it is devided into 4 classic Disney Lands including Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Adventureland is a place where visitors can be attracted by many different images of cartoon characters such as Pirates of Carribean, Mickey Mouse …. Also, they also attend some adventurous trips like Jungle cruise, Western River Railroad to name but a few. In Westernland, visitors can enjoy Diamond Horseshoe, Mark Twain River Boat … There are also many souvenir shops and delicious restaurants that serve all day round. Fantasyland is especially attractive to children while Tomorrowland is such an interesting destination for all ages, particularly tourists who are fond of astronomy. Each year, around 17 millions of people from all over the world come to this amusement park making it the second – most visited park in the world just after California Disneyland.


2. Tokyo Disneysea. 


Also a simulating structure of California Disneysea, Tokyo Disneysea is also a well-known destination for tourist in the world. Coming to this wonderful place, you will be impressed right from the entrance of the park or also called “Mediterranean Harbor” where visitors can trace the recreation of an Italian port city . From this Harbor, turning on the right, you will reach Mysterious Island which offers you a walking trip within the Mount Prometheus – a giant vocalno. Opposite to Mysterious Island is American Waterfront that represents the northeastern seaboard of the United States in the early 20th century. Getting further into the park, you will be more and more surprised with “the little mermaid” in Mermaid Lagoon, the waterfall in Port Delievry or the temple of crystal skull in Lost River Delta. In the first year opened, Tokyo Disneysea attracted up to 10 millions people and this number seems to have increased in recent years. This is one of best choices for you in Japan.

3. Universal Studios Japan 

Located faw2in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan is also the top famous amusement park in Japan. With the total area of 54 ha, the attractions in the park are arranged similarly to Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. Inside the park, besides some selected attractions from theUniversal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood like “The Wizard World of Harry Porter” or ” The Flying Snoopy”, ” Hello Kitty’s cupcake'” and so on, there are also some sites that are unique to Unversal Studios Japan such as Black Lake and Hogwarts Express Photo Op. Around 8 million visitors come to this wonderful place every year, making it one of the most celebrated amusement park in the world.

4. Fuji-Q High Land 

This is an amusement park situated near the base of famous Mount Fuji. This park is well-known for its second -largest haunted hospital and its variety of roaler coasters. Up to now, the longest and tallest roaler coaster in Fuji-Q High Land is named Fujiyama with the height of 79 metres and its speed can be up to 130 km per hour.


This is one of the most tourist attractions in Japan not only because of its good facilities but also its gorgeous view of Mount Fuji behind. This amusement park attracts a great number of visitors annually.

5. Nagashima Spa Land

This is also a prominent amusement park in Japan. Nagashima Spa Land has reputation for its giant ferry wheel and a large number of roaler coasters as well as rides of many types including  thrill rides, kid rides and water rides which makes the park seem to suitable for all ages. Coming to this wonderful park, you will understand why it is celebrated all over the world. Nagashima Spa Land is ranked the 18th most visited amusement park in the world. If you are thinking about somewhere to go with your beloved family in this summer, Nagashima Spa Land is an ideal destination.


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