10 top tourist attractions in Osaka

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Located at the mouth of Yodo River on Osaka Bay, Osaka is well-known as a typical city of Kansai region of Japan. With the total area of 223 km2, Osaka is ranked as the second largest city in Japan. During Edo period, this city was once a merchant city which focused on rice trading. Through the long – lasting history of development, it is now making a new leap to become an international city for goods and information exchange among people and nations all around the world. Besides, this Kansai city is also concentrating on its tourism by developing a number of tourist attractions which attract thousands of people coming to Osaka each year. Let’s together explore 10 top tourist attractions in Osaka.


1. Top tourist attractions in Osaka: Osaka Castle 

This is recognized as the most famous tourist spot in Osaka. Situated in Chuo-ku, Osaka, this castle was once seen as one of the crucial landmarks during the Ayuchi- Momoyama period. Since when it was built in 1853, Osaka Castle has stood as the symbol of Osaka city. Whenever mentioning this Kansai city, it is undeniable to take Osaka Castle as the most typical feature. The castle ground covers an area of approximately 60,000 square meters which consists of 13 structures inside. With special architect and its ancient, Osaka Castle  attracts a large number of people visiting each year, making it the most popular site in Osaka.


2. Top tourist attractions in Osaka: Universal Studios Japan


Also known as one of the top tourist attractions in Osaka, unlike Osaka Castle, Universal Studios Japan holds a modern beauty with many man-made kinds of nowaday entertainment. Opened in 2001, this theme park attracts up to 11 million visitors during the first year of operation. With this surprising number, Universal Studios Japan became the fastest to break through the 10 million milestone. Until now, it still hosts more than ten million tourists each year which is predicted to increase year by year. Almost all visitors coming to Universal Studios Japan are Asian, from countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore… In then near future, this studio park is hoped to become closer and closer to tourists all over the world.

3. Top tourist attractions in Osaka: Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

The Osaka AquTarium Kaikuyan or in short Kaikuyan is recognized as one of the largest public aquariums in the world. Located in Minato district, it covers the total area of 26,570 square metres with several tanks inside. Coming to this huge aquarium, visitors can have chance to explore a big sea world including 29000 animals and 470 species. With the tanks designed specially with glass, visitors can watch the life in the deep sea in the most authentic and vivid way. If you have chance in Osaka, put Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan the first in your check list.

4. Top tourist attractions in Osaka: Tempozan Ferris Wheel


Next to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is Tempozan Ferris Wheel. With the height of 112.5 metres, the wheel has functioned as a weather forecast since it first opened. Basing on the color of the lights put around the wheel, Osaka people can know about the weather of the next day. If the lights are orange, that means it will be sunny the next day, green – a cloudy day and blue – a rainy day. Together with Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Tempozan Ferris Wheel attracts a large number of people each year making it become one of the most tourist attractions in Osaka.

5. Top tourist attractions in Osaka: Shitenno- ji Temple 

Located in Tennoji-ku, Osaka, Shitenno-ji Tenple is recognized as the first and also the oldest Buddhist temple in Osaka. Shitenno-ji is widely believed to be the temple of the Four Heavenly Buddhist Guardians who come to assist Japanese to improve their social life. Thanks to this belief, each year, a large number of people come here to pray for a better life in the future which makes Shitenno-ji Temple one of the top tourist spots in Osaka.

6. Top tourist attractions in Osaka: National Museum of Art

This is4017_01 one of the most popular place for tourists who want to understand more about Japanese art. Located in the island of Nakanoshima, Osaka, The National Museum of Art is well-known for its abundant and selective collection of art. Coming to this site, visitors will be impressed right from the exposed exterior of the museum with a very unique design of gate not to mention the modern structure of the museum. Each year, there will be some regular exhibits that are all open to public which attract a large figure of tourists coming to find out more about Japanese art.

7. Top tourist attractions in Osaka: Kyu- Yodo River

 As many tourist ever coming to Osaka praise, Osaka is the best place for cycling and Kyu-Yodo River seems to be the most popular site in Osaka where visitors can ride bikes along the bank of the River. Located at the mouth of Osaka Bay, with the length of 13,38 km, Kyu-Yodo River is ranked as the best place for jogging or cycling in Osaka. Along the banks of Kyu-Yodo, there is  lines of Cherry Blossom which give the river a more gorgeous view, especially in Spring. Coming to this site with a bike would be a good idea for you when you are in Osaka.


8. Top tourist attractions in Osaka: Nakayama Dera


 Nakayama Dera is located in Tarakazuka district and is one of many Buddhist temples in Osaka. This is seen as the temple of the Goddess of Mercy with 11 heads who has been believed to be able to give birth to a child. Each year, Nakayama Dera Temple attracts thousands of tourists visiting and becomes one of the most places of interest in Osaka.

9. Top tourist attractions in Osaka: Tennoji Park


Tennoji is a public park situated in Tennoji-ku, Osaka. With the total area of 28.8 hectares, this is home to several plants and wild lives. If you are fond of exploring the nature or just need somewhere to relax, this is an ideal destination.

10. Top tourist attractions in Osaka: Tennoji Zoo

Together with Tennoji Park, this is also a popular place for tourists in Osaka. Tennoji Zoo houses over 230 species of animals. This is an ideal place for tourists who are interested in Wild life, especially young children.