10 top tourist attractions in Kyoto

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Kyoto was once  the capital of Japan during the 11th century. Until now, this city still holds a very traditional beauty of an old capital. Located in the central part of the island of Honshu, with the total area of 827.90 km2, Kyoto is ranked as the seventh largest city in Japan. Also, it is well known as one of the most wonderful tourism cities where there are a variety of famous tourist attractions. Today, in Kyoto, there are still 2000 religious places, 1600 of which are Buddist Temples, 400 are Shinto Shrines and the others are palaces, gardens and architectural intact that were all built when Kyoto was the capital. Thanks to this great number of ancient structures, Kyoto is recognized as one of the best preseved places in Japan. Each year, it attracts millions of people from all over the world.


1. Top tourist attractions in Kyoto: Kyomizu Dera

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In 778, Kyomizu Dera was founded on the top of Otowasan Moutain, Kyoto. Then, the reconstruction of this temple in 1633 created the gorgeous buildings as you can see today which is recognized as one of the world’s UNESCO heritage. The temple complex consists of many other shrines, one of which is very famous among tourists, called the Jishu Shrine or also known as the god of love. Inside this Shrine, there is a pair of “love stones” with the distance of 18 meters in between. It is widely believed that if anyone can close her eyes and walk from one stone to the other which means she can finally find her true love. Due to this belief, every year, a great number of visitors, especially women or girls come here to try to walk the distance between 2 love stones. This makes Kyomizu Dera one of the top tourist attractions in Kyoto.

2. Top tourist attractions in Kyoto: Kinkaku -Ji

Kinkaku-Ji is blog-2010-japan-DSC_4518-kyoto-kinkakuji_thumbwidely known as the Golden Pavillion, located in Kitaku, Kyoto. The temple was first founded in 1937 as a personal house and then the reconstruction in 1955 created the buildings that has been preserved until now. The most special in Kinkaku-Ji’s structure is that the temple was coated by pure golden leaves which also explains why its nickname is The Golden Pavillion. The temple itself is designated as the National Special Historic Site and a National Special Landscape. Also, UNESCO recognised Kinkaku-ji as one of 17 Historical Monuments of Kyoto World Heritage Site. Nowadays, it is the most popular place in Kyoto with the number of visitors up to millions of people annually.

3. Top tourist attractions in Kyoto: Ginkaku -Ji.

Ginkaku- Ji has a more popular name called The Silver Pavillion. This name originated from the i133nitial plan of the grandson of Shogun who had commissioned the Golden Pavillion Kinkaku-Ji. Although the dream of a Silver Temple didn’t come true due to the lack of budget, its structure is still recognised as one of the greatest Zen temples in Kyoto which represents the Hygashiyama Culture of Muromachi Period. Nowadays, together with Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-Ji is also a top tourist attraction in Kyoto which attracts thousands of People coming to Kyoto each year. If you are in Kyoto, do not forget to put Ginkaku-Ji and Kinkaku-Ji in your check -list.


4. Top tourist attractions in Kyoto: Fushimi Inari Taisha. 

Fushimi Inari Taisha has become one of the most tourist attractions in Kyoto not only because of its unique beauty but also its appearance in the very famous movie ” The memoir of a Gangsha”. Since when it appeared in a movie’s scene , there has been a large number of people coming to this site just to explore one of the most impressive places in the film. Located in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Fushimi Inari Taisha has thousands of “tori” on which the names of contributors to this shrine are written. Each year, many people from all over the world come here to have their names on the tori with the belief that they will have more luck and success. That’s why Fushimi Inari Taisha is more and more popular in the world.


5. Top tourist attractions in Kyoto: Nijo Castle

Located in Kyoto, Nijo CPicForNewsletterJapan2005ShogunCastleEntranceastle is also one of the most tourist spots which is designated by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. With the total area covered of 275.000 square meters, it was once a huge solid flatland castle of Kyoto. There are 2 main fortifications in Nijo Castle, which are the Ninomaru Palace and the Honmaru Palace together with many other support buldings and gardens of Japanese plums and cherry blossom. Coming to this World Heritage Site, visitors will have chance to explore a very gorgeous and lavish scenery inside the Ninomaru Palace with a great deal of golden leaves on its ceiling. Also in Nijo Castle, visitors can visit Honmaru Palace and walk around the plum or cherry gardens inside it which would be an unforgetable trip in your life.

6. Top tourist attractions in Kyoto: Ryoan -Ji

This is an ancient and mysterious place of interest in Kyoto. The reason why it is seen as a mysterious place is that until now there are still many different opinions about the meanings of the Zen garden which is the most famous site inside the temple. Today, no one knows exactly who was the founder of this garden and what the rocks in the garden symbolize. The very mystery makes Ryoan-ji more attractive and a larger and larger number of people come to this temple every year.


7. Top tourist attractions in Kyoto: Yasaka Shrine

3903_01Yasaka Shrine, or once known as Gion Shrine is a famous Shinto Shrine located in Gion, Kyoto. It is particularly crowded on Lunar New Year when the number of visitors can be up to thousands of people. The reason why many people choose this shrine as their destination on Lunar New Year is because there are often many traditional celebrations in Yasaka Shrine during this time. On the night to welcome the new year, Yasaka shrine will be illuminated in the light of lantern which are hung everywhere inside the shrine. You can stand by your beloved in a very gorgeous scenery which would be a trip of your life.

8. Top tourist attractions in Kyoto: Kyoto National Museum

Kyoto National Museum, located in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, is one of the major art museum in Japan. It was founded in 1897 with the main concentration in Asian art and pre – modern Japanese art. Through a long – standing history of collection and preservation, nowadays, Tokyo National Museum is well-known for its abundant collection which consists of over 12000 works of art of various types: Handicraft, sculpture, paintings pottery to name but a few.


9. Top tourist attractions in Kyoto: Fushimi Castle


This is one of top tourist attractions in Kyoto which is very famous for its tea ceremony room that presents the feature of Japanese. Besides, Fushimi Castle is also well-known for its spectacular and lavish architecture with walls coated by gold- leaves. If you have chance to visit Kyoto, put this place in your check-to-do list. It will be one of the most memorable trip you have in Kyoto.

10. Top tourist attractions in Kyoto: Kyoto International Manga Museum

Kyoto International Manga Museum is situated in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. Formerly, it was once Tatsuike Elementary School and then due to the high demand of Kyoto people to have a place to preseve and read manga, the museum was established in 2006. Until now, its collection includes up to 3000 items of manga. Kyoto National Manga Museum attracts not only Japanese visitors but also be a common place of interest of foreign tourists from all over the world.